Your Child Can 
Succeed in Math
Online math courses and personalized instruction  for middle school & high school students
As a parent I was worried for my sons, but they went from being behind and having no confidence at school –to excelling and moving into advanced classes.
  Carolyn, Pennsylvania
Eliminate math anxiety
Do you have sweaty palms, rapid breathing, or inability to think clearly when your child brings you their math homework? We get it.

We remove the anxiety and pressure from you, and get your child excited about learning.
Imagine a program that builds your child's confidence while saving you time and headaches.

Receive personalized lessons to address weaknesses 

Students learn at their own pace

​Easily-Accessible, enjoy sessions using a phone, tablet, or desktop

Lay a strong math foundation & Discover your child's hidden math skills

Learn at your own pace
Step 1.
Choose Your Math Level
Courses include Middle School Math, Algebra 1 and 2, and Geometry.
Step 2.
Purchase the Course
Short focused lessons that will guide your child to success through video instruction, worksheets, and teacher feedback.
Step 3.
Watch Your Child Excel
Sit back and relax...the stress is over! Watch as your child succeeds in math.
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Hey parents!

People say there’s success in routine, especially in math. But what happens when all that’s normal has gone out the window?

As a parent myself, the added burdens can often make us feel stressed, overwhelmed and inadequate.

I want to put your mind at ease. As a certified math teacher with over 20 years experience, I have helped students overcome the challenges of learning math online. I can help your child.
 When it came time to figure out what to do for upper level math in our homeschool, I was overwhelmed. Marcella’s focus is on instruction and her love for math made her able to teach in a fun, engaging way.
  Lisa, Minnesota
 Choose Your Course
Middle School Math
This course prepares students for 7th and 8th grade math
Algebra 1
This course prepares students for Algebra 1
Algebra 2
This course prepares students for Algebra 2
This course prepares students for Geometry

30-Day Guarantee

If you're not thrilled by your child's math progress, we'll refund your payment, no questions asked

Positive Learning Environment

No Shame - we provide a positive 
and encouraging environment to ensure your child's success

Life-time Access

Not sure if your child will get it the first time, no problem. Review the course over and over again!
Stop math frustrations before the problem escalates
At Calculation Connect we know that you want to be a supportive parent in your kid’s academics. In order to do that, you need resources to help your child excel in math.

The problem is you struggle to find useful resources, which makes you feel like you are failing them. We believe every parent can access what their child needs to succeed. We understand the struggle is real, watching a math meltdown is not how learning should be, which is why we spent the last 10 years creating an easy to use, online math course to pinpoint student’s struggles.
Teaching math can be scary and overwhelming.
Are you tired of the constant daily battle when it comes to math? Do you feel like you're at your wits end, or trying to scramble to find a way to explain math concepts?

If that's you, these classes are what you have been searching for!! They take the drudgery out of math that is so common among our children. Your child will find math more enjoyable in a subject that for many is frankly unpleasant!
We provide online math courses and personalized instruction for middle school & high school students
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